martes, 17 de enero de 2012

Michell’s scheme* variant

S.E.C.S. New Structural Efficiency Clasification System

Michell’s scheme* variant
Here we propose an hypothetical optimal structure of size* 0 (no self-weight), for two loads Q/2, located a distance a far both supporting points:
*by Ricardo Aroca’s naming.
This scheme meets the requirements to be a Michell structure, except the line between loads, separating regions of space with coordinates rotated 90 ° from themselves.

The amount of structure asociated to this scheme is:
Is there any relationship between optimal scheme’s amount of structure and the amount of shear&bending moment resolved in a structural problem?
If this relation exists, this general scheme allows to calculate it; let’s propose:
that link the optimal amount of structure with shear/bending moment for every scheme within the featured structural family.

Next week, More!

Quisco Mena

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